Top 3 Reasons Why Type A’s Need RTT/ Rapid Transformational Therapy

July 14, 2021
Shanna Windle

If you’re a self-identified Type A, chances are you have some degree of self-awareness into the unique and special qualities you possess that make you who you are. For example, Type-A personalities are notorious over-achievers and reliable get s**** done people- you have enough lists keeping you on track. There is a good chance you have experienced a degree of success in your life, but this usually comes at a cost. You may also feel a deep-seated need to be in control, leading to difficulty letting go. This can raise your overall anxiety levels on a daily basis, and also contribute to a pestering spirit of perfectionism manifesting itself into everything you do.

RTT is one of the best things Type-A’s can integrate into their lives to maintain peace, sanity, get you even further ahead, and have you feel your very best doing it. Here are three reasons why:

#1 Ultimate control

A Type A’s biggest fear is losing control, so naturally an approach like hypnotherapy, something that requires you to “let go,” is scary. The thing is, while it may feel uncomfy to- say it with me, relax- when you undergo rapid transformational therapy, you actually gain MORE control over your mind, and your life.

We are constantly operating on false belief systems that dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions. You might not be aware that you have them but everyone does- until you make the conscious decision to target them. False belief systems can sound like “you are only valuable if you produce” or “you need to earn love by being good enough and successful enough.”  RTT allows you to hack your subconscious mind and reprogram yourself with whatever YOU choose. This means you no longer need to work twice as hard swimming upstream to work against self-limiting beliefs. You can now imbue beliefs like, “I am enough.” “I am worthy.” “My value is not determined by how successful I am.” This one small change alone can be life-changing, especially to a type-a personality.

#2 Chill Pill

It is no secret that Type-A personalities are stressed out most of the time. With our overachieving nature and so many items on our to-do lists, who could blame us? What you might not know is that stress and high cortisol happens to be one of the leading causes of disease today. Not to mention it provides you with a very low quality of life. With a therapeutic approach like RTT you are able to target your stress and anxiety naturally.

With RTT you are able to reprogram your mind and your body to relax, and integrate habits and routines into your daily life that encourages this.

#3 Imperfect Action

Lastly, when we lower our overall anxiety and quell the voice of our inner critic masking self-limiting beliefs, we are able to relinquish our perfectionism. Perfect doesn’t actually exist, it is just a tool our subconscious uses to keep us small and beating ourselves up. You can target this issue specifically in RTT, and diminishing it will be a nice symptom that comes from releasing some of the control we love so much.

Surrender can feel so sweet, especially when it comes in acts of self-love, like taking the plunge to try RTT. Prioritizing your mental, physical, and spiritual health is one of the most important things we can do in this life. While fear may feel real, it is often a tool the ego uses to protect itself (because we don’t really like change). If you resonate with any of these points in this article, even if you still feel some apprehensions, don’t hesitate toreach out for a 30-minute exploratory call about how RTT can benefit you today.

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