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We Shine On: Revealing and Repatterning Our Beliefs | Shanna Windle

Today KJ opens the SOAL listening gallery for a story from Shanna Windle, an attorney turned holistic-subconscious mind-hacker with a mission of helping us utilize the natural resources within ourselves to make changes and regain control in cert...
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WGT: You Got Me Hypnotized. What’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

This episode is all about how the process works, what specific issues we worked on, what other issues he could work on, and answers all of the typical questions about hypnotherapy.
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QUICK HIT: How to Master Intuitive Eating, with Shanna Windle of Shine Wellness

In this quick episode, Shanna Windle from Shine Wellness and I talk about how to master intuitive eating. Take this simple step to become more in tune with VISCERAL INTELLIGENCE, and learn how to feed your body with both what it wants and needs.
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SOUL Sustenance! Being an Empath & Healing Emotional Pain w/ Shanna Windle

We discuss: + What it’s like to be an empath in this crazy world + Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) + Dealing with childhood trauma + Honoring your inner child + Living free of emotional pain + Triggers + Finding emotional happiness + more!
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4 Holistic Ways to Manage Anxiety

Download our FREE Holistic Anxiety Treatment Guide to start feeling better, like, now.
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Free RTT Hypnosis for Relaxation

Chill yourself out today with our complimentary relaxation meditation.
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The Slippery-Slope Dangers of Emotional Eating

Lisa Iannucci
Emotional eating is a slippery slope. Is food your emotional support system? Are there others who abuse their bodies with unnecessary, unhealthy snacks? Emotional eating habits begin early on in childhood and can linger in the lives of well-adjusted adults. Identifying dinner time with comfort and distraction (calling out TV dinners here) is the key issue to address when conquering emotional eating. You will be surprised at how sprinkles of intentional awareness lead to striding toward emotional satisfaction. You are the only support system you need.
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