RTT targets
RTT targets
Finally, see results.
Award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy is one of the most efficient and effective approaches in creating lasting change in your life.
It uses techniques from leading therapies like hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT to radically transform your mind by targeting your core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions.

What does an RTT session look like?
Your biggest hurdle to achieving the life you want lies in your subconscious mind.


38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy

72% recovery after 22 sessions


93% recovery after 6 sessions


93% recovery after 1 session

Source: American Health Magazine
95% of everything we think, do and feel comes from our subconscious mind.

When we only target the 5% of our conscious mind with approaches like therapy and/or self-help books, we become like a salmon swimming upstream if our core beliefs do not align with what we are trying to change. Statistics reflect this and show us that hypnotherapy is more effective than both psychoanalysis and behavior therapy.
RTT Hypnotherapy is even MORE targeted than traditional hypnotherapy, and often calls for only one session to target your specific issue.
Sessions Include
20 minute call to clarify and organize issue(s) to be addressed in session
1-1.5 hour RTT hypnotherapy Zoom session*
Personalized 20 minute meditation specific to your issue to be listened to over 21 days
Ongoing email support during the 21 day period for questions or guidance
30 minute wrap up call at end of 21 days for final integration of work done together and support/guidance for future endeavors
*May recommend additional sessions based on clients' goals.
What results can I experience after RTT?
When we radically heal our mind and reprogram outdated negative beliefs, we begin to operate as our authentic selves. We begin to live life totally free from constraints previously keeping us from happiness, productivity, love, etc.

Life feels lighter, brighter, and you feel more like yourself.

You could see an increase in money, more fulfilling relationships, weight loss, and/or a deep sense of inner peace as some examples, depending on what you choose to target.
The burning question: Is RTT for me?
Perhaps you have tried talk therapy and have only gotten so far. Or maybe you have tried hypnotherapy with some success. Maybe you are just one efficient cookie and want to start with the big guns. RTT is perfect for anyone who wants to target specific issues, in a short amount of time.
How is RTT different?
RTT targets your subconscious mind, much like hypnotherapy, instead of your conscious mind, much like talk therapy.

The main differentiator between RTT and other therapy approaches is the emphasis on time.

While one hypnotherapy session lasts about 30 minutes inducted, or “put under,” RTT can take anywhere between 2-4 hours once inducted.
How a session works
Game-plan. You and Shanna will spend the first 15 minutes getting clear on a few details about approach, language, goals, etc.
Induction. Similar to a guided meditation, Shanna will begin to bring you into a deeply relaxed state so she can access your subconscious mind. This process involves rolling your eyes up to your brows, much like what happens before we fall asleep. This triggers your body to relax and enter into a theta brainwave state – a very slow state associated with your subconscious.
Memory regression. During this time, you will be asked to consecutively access three memories in your life that have contributed to the issue you are targeting. Shanna will ask you to describe things like the setting, the characters, what you are feeling, etc.
Synthesis. After reviewing your memories, you are asked what you think the common thread is so Shanna can gain a clear understanding about how they’ve impacted you.
Reconciliation. If there was any one character like a parent or a teacher that contributed to your issue, there is a period where you will have a chance to confront this person so you are better able to let go of the negative emotions contributing to your issue.
Inner Child work. You are reunited with the version of yourself that experienced these negative events and clearly delineate that you are now in charge of you.
Time differentiation. Last, there is a period where Shanna clearly distinguishes these PAST memories from your PRESENT reality. This is the key to RTT therapy. Your subconscious is programmed to recognize that these things happened in the past and do not have anything to do with your present reality. Shanna imbues this portion with positive messaging relating to what you two discuss.
Coming up. Shanna gently brings you out of hypnosis with a countdown. You awaken feeling a little groggy, refreshed, and like you just processed a lot! It’s recommended after this time to take it easy, hydrate, practice self care, and just be with yourself.
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