How to Find Your Soul Purpose

January 11, 2022
Shanna Windle

I am at my wits end with the effects that COVID has had on my life and the collectives', but I remind myself there is always a silver lining in situations that seem so challenging. The positive effect I have seen come forth with stay at home orders, loss of jobs, and illness (just to name a few) is that more and more people have started questioning their life, or “soul” purpose. Soul purpose is essentially the purpose for why you are here on Earth at this time.  While it may be your career or profession, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Soul purpose is an aspect of a person’s life that can help them move forward when they are feeling stuck. Finding your soul’s purpose can help you live a deeply meaningful life filled with content. Aligning with your soul’s purpose will make you feel more satisfied, engaged, and productive at work. Many times, when we are not living our soul’s purpose, we end up experiencing anxiety and depression. Here at Shine Wellness industries (yes, I just now made my business “industries” because it sounds neat), we are in the business of helping people feel happy and fulfilled, not anxious and depressed. So, today I am dedicating this blog post to those of you who might be struggling to figure this out for yourself, right now. You are certainly not alone in this journey, all you need is an open heart and mind.

How to Find Your Soul Purpose

Tune into your soul

Easier said than done, right? Seems obvious, but there’s a reason you are here reading this article today, and my guess is on the simplest of fronts, you feel disconnected from your soul. Reconnecting with your soul is imperative for many reasons, but sometimes we become so inundated with what our external environments are telling and expecting of us, that we forget to check in with the true source of knowledge for ourselves – our own souls. Now, religion aside, how do you tune into your soul? For me, closing my eyes and visualizing going into my heart helps me to connect with my soul. For others, envisioning a white light cascading down and around them, enveloping them in unconditional love is a connection to their soul. Just know – our souls are not chatty Cathy’s. The language of soul is short and sweet, but always loving. Sometimes our souls speak to us in nature, or in the act of something we truly enjoy. You will know when you’re tuned in because you will feel at peace and loved. So, go ahead today and tune in; ask yourself, “What is my true nature?”

Ask others to define your strengths

Sometimes when we are so far off the path of our soul’s purpose, it is helpful to turn to others that know us well and care for us deeply for input. Some of your closest friends, family or co-workers will know your greatest strengths, so while it’s important to tune into our own guidance system and intuition, sometimes hearing from others what they view as our greatest strength(s) is helpful while we are trying to figure this all out. Your natural talents and abilities are absolutely, 100% part of your soul’s purpose. It could be that you’re a great listener, musician, mediator, creator, chef, organizer, you name it! Sometimes we feel like our soul’s purpose has to be this epically grand altruistic thing that many times feels impossible to reach – yet your soul’s purpose could be something as simple as lifting up others on a daily basis with your smile.

Seeking expert guidance

We all need help at times, and if you are struggling with finding your soul’s purpose, I can’t think of something worthier of expert guidance than this. Coaches, counselors, spiritual teachers, pastors, etc., can help to guide you on this journey to your soul, just choose someone who resonates with YOU and with whom you can safely feel vulnerable. Working with someone who has walked this path before you can be tremendously helpful as they can share their insights, life experiences and be a good sounding board for the things you are processing through.


I will sing the praises of meditation and journaling from the mountaintops for years to come, I promise you! From shifting anxiety and depression, to ending looping thoughts, to finding your soul’s purpose… the list of things that meditation and journaling can help with goes on and on. Meditating, and more specifically finding a good “soul’s purpose” meditation, is a great way of peeling back the layers in a calm and less resistant space. You will have visions or ideas come forward that you didn’t know were in there! I also learned a few years back when journaling to ask as a journal prompt: What does my soul want me to know today?

These are just a few ways to start to connect with your soul’s purpose, but certainly is not an exhaustive list!  Please chime in with tools or practices that have helped YOU connect with your soul’s purpose so that others may learn from you as well!

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