Simple Meditation Tips

March 23, 2020
Shanna Windle

With all of the anxiety, fear and chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it is now super important to focus on practices that bring us back into our own bodies and ground ourselves.  One of the practices that is tremendously helpful is meditation.  Here are some simple tips to help or start a practice:

Simple Meditation Tips

Simple Tips to Meditate and Enjoy Its Benefits

Meditation has been found beneficial for health, and we cannot deny the truth that it can benefit us in different ways.  It can benefit you in different ways such as with your mind and body, including your soul. It can help to change the way you think and the way you live.

But, most people find it hard to have a fulfilling and consistent practice. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to insert meditation into your busy schedule and reap the benefits it promises to offer:

Look for a Perfect Place to Meditate

Meditation can be done anywhere. You just need to make a space where you can sit down and enjoy silence and start meditating. Look for a part of your home wherein you will not be distracted by anyone or anything. The space you need for meditating does not need to be the whole space of the room. It could be just one corner with a little table or a bookshelf that is completely free from clutter.

You can have it decorated by having some inspiring and peaceful images, crystals, statues, flowers or vision boards. When you go, and occupy the space, make sure that you power off your phone and any electronic devices to meditate successfully.

Set a Schedule

You should have a permanent schedule for meditation. Some people suggest meditating to be done at exactly 6 AM every morning while others do it right before they go to bed. You are free to choose which time of the day best suits you to perform meditation. Find which feels great for you and would suit your lifestyle.

When you are rushing for work at the beginning of the day, then you can benefit from waking up earlier to spend a few minutes to meditate. You may find that you move sluggishly and by having greater intention after meditation, but appear to go out to work faster. When you are not a morning individual, or you cannot add anything else to your morning routine, then you can try doing meditation at the end of the day, preferably before you go to bed.

It will be an excellent way for ending up the day and setting your body for rest and sleep. Some people might find that they get a little sleepy in the night so make sure that you do not go too deep then fall asleep eventually. When you find it happening, you should choose to meditate after having your dinner or during the day…at the time you could retreat to a tranquil place.

Make It a Habit

To enjoy the benefits that meditation can provide, you should make it a habit. Once you chose a time that suits you, continue meditating and do it every day. Try to sit down and meditate each day. Set your mind and body to anticipate this silent time at the start of the day or when you are done eating in the evening.

Meditation will not eat up much of your time. Just a few minutes will be enough to do it and reap all the benefits that it promises to provide.

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