Dieting Myths BUSTED!

July 6, 2020
Shanna Windle

Have you found yourself googling any of the following words or phrases:

How to love your body

How to stop using food as a consolation prize or drug

How to stop being crazy around food

How to eat like a normal person

How do I stop yo yo dieting

How to I put an end to emotional eating

Do I have a disordered eating pattern

What is body dysmorphia

If this is you, you are certainly not alone, but my next question for you would be, did you find the answer?  If you are like me or any of the clients I have worked with, the answer is a resounding NO. Which has probably left you feeling super frustrated, despondent or hopeless regarding how to heal your relationship with food and your body.

Dieting Myths BUSTED!

We seem to think that:

  1. Google or someone else has the right answer for US and our bodies.  
  2. That if we just worked a little harder at our diets, we will look the way we want to look and everything in our lives will then be okay
  3. That the diet that our neighbor next door had success with might just be the right diet for us as well
  4. We are failures and weak when we “fall off the wagon” of the prescribed diet we are trying to follow
  5. That food is the end all be all in our fight for the bodies and lives that we want

I’m here to tell you these are all false beliefs -- MYTHS BUSTED

1. Google doesn’t have the answer, your body does!  

Your body has the answer to what it needs, you’re just not listening to it right now.  Everyone’s body has cues as to what it needs, you just have to be aware and tuned in to what those needs are!  This is something I help my clients with, to tune into this more!

2. This is a myth based on a subconscious belief that our worthiness is somehow tied to the way we look or the number on the scale.  

The truth is that even if you did get your diet to work perfectly and look the way you want to look, you are not going to feel better because you have a subconcious belief that is tying the way you look to your sense of worthiness.  Your worthiness would always be hanging precariously in the balance - what happens if you get pregnant, start with an autoimmune disorder, break a bone and can’t work out...all of these situations and so many more could affect your sense of self UNTIL you get into the beliefs and start to shift them.  This is something I work on with my clients early on - excavating beliefs that tie their sense of worthiness to some external factor.  

3. Once again, once we learn how to tune into our bodies and their own unique cues, we can eat and treat our bodies the best ways possible and have the best results.  

It’s never about what worked for someone else, it’s what works for ourselves.  

4. We are programmed to believe that if we do not stick to a certain diet, if we cannot white knuckle our way through a diet, that we are not worthy of the body we want and therefore not worthy of love or appreciation.  

With my clients, I help them discover where they picked up this belief that they are unworthy and rewire this belief so that they don’t continue to fall off the wagon.

5. Having the life and body you want has nothing to do with food, it is an inside job!

The 5 truths above are the foundation of what I do in my 6 week emotional eating intensive.  I help my clients with all of these things - tuning into what their bodies are telling them, fixing the beliefs that cause them to feel unworthy and teaching them how to become aware of and learn to healthily cope with their emotions.   Send me a DM HERE if you are interested.  This is a program geared towards ending your emotional eating pattern when all three of these components are addressed.  For the right person, it is aimed at ending your emotional eating pattern for good.  

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