UnStuck Course

UnStuck Course

$ 197.00 USD

Unstuck is a 6-Week transformational course designed to help you realign to your truest self through your mind-body-spirit connection.

Unstuck is a primer for figuring it out. Discovering, or rediscovering You. Your authentic self. The you without all of the social pressures, expectations and traditions. The real you. Your divine essence.

Each week you will be emailed a new module to delve into, focused on one area of yourself- your mind, body, or spirit. There is a workbook attached to each lesson for you to use as a tool for deeper self awareness, and to identify key issues you want to target beyond the program.

You will receive:
• 6 video lessons, 10-15 minutes each
• Workbooks associated with each lesson
• A bonus RTT recording for connecting to your authentic self
• Email support from Shanna
• Empowerment to live your truest, greatest version

Sign up today and don’t waste another minute wasting the full potential of YOU.

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Questions? Please forward all inquiries (hellos, press, interviews, etc.) to shanna@shinewithshanna.com.