Quit Sugar Hypnosis

Quit Sugar Hypnosis

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Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It tastes delicious, its in pretty much everything, and our bodies don’t have a built in “too-much” alert to stop eating it like it does with things like salt. So no wonder it’s one of the single most difficult substances to quit.

Sugar consumption could be contributing to:
• Difficulty Losing Weight
• Trouble Focusing
• Binge Eating
• Mood Disorders
• Gut Health Issues

And so much more.

When your will power is being hijacked by drug-like substances, its time to match the energy by hijacking your own subconscious will power system. This RTT hypnosis recording will help you to effectively stop eating sugar so you can quit it for good, and finally regulate your body and mind to look and feel your best.

Listen to this 20-minute RTT self-hypnosis recording every morning and/or night right before waking or sleeping for 21 days consecutively for best results.

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