RTT Session

RTT Session

$ 500.00 USD

Access and fix blocks in your subconscious. This holistic, non-invasive method is a fast solution to overcoming years of struggling with personal growth goals.

Session price includes:
• 20 minute call to clarify and organize issue(s) to be addressed in session
• 1-1.5 hour RTT hypnotherapy Zoom session**
• Personalized 20 minute meditation specific to your issue to be listened to over 21 days Ongoing email support during the 21 day period for questions or guidance 30 minute wrap up call at end of 21 days for final integration of work done together and support/guidance for future endeavors

**May recommend additional sessions based on clients' goals.**

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Questions? Please forward all inquiries (hellos, press, interviews, etc.) to shanna@shinewithshanna.com.