Type-A Personality Traits No One Talks About

August 13, 2021
Shanna Windle

Chances are, you have probably heard about the Type-A personality at one point or another. Type-As are known for their high-achieving nature, time-urgency, and competitiveness (even if it's just with themselves). It's not uncommon to see a Type-A a little stressed out and pouring into their work. But what about the Type-A personality traits the nobody talks about? Here are some other ways to identify a Type-A personality.

Type-A Personality Traits No One Talks About

Less-known Type A Personality Traits:

1. Lists.

Type-A’s are notorious list-makers. They are characterized by being rigidly organized and on-top of things and lists are the perfect thing to achieve this.

2. Anxiety.

It isn’t just stress Type-A personalities experience, they typically have a higher baseline anxiety in general. It can be difficult for a Type-A to fully let go and relax as they are more comfortable feeling in control. This can take a toll on their mental health, resulting in heightened anxiety overall.

3. Adrenal Fatigue.

Because of high stress and anxiety levels, Type-A’s can experience higher and/or more severe levels of adrenal fatigue. As the adrenal glands produce more and more cortisol, they grow weaker and inevitably get worn down, creating a host of other hormonal issues.

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4. Discomfort “doing nothing.”

Type-A personalities are often in the mode of producing. Their high-achieving nature keeps them here. When it comes to relaxing and “doing nothing,” or not having a very clear goal, Type-A personalities can get uncomfy and often find something to give their attention and productivity to.

5. Rumination.

Because the Type-A mind is always on and revving, they can have a hard time letting thoughts go. This paired with a higher overall anxiety level, Type-A personalities can experience cyclical thoughts, and/or thought spirals.

6. Efficiency.

Type-A personalities are notoriously time-urgent. This can manifest in being hyper-efficient and process-driven. If anything can get done in a more optimal way, leave it to a Type-A person to find it.

How To Deal With Type A Personality Traits

Being a Type A certainly has its perks- status, accolades, getting s*** done. But what about the negative consequences that come from living in go-mode constantly? Here are 3 things a Type-A Personality can do to achieve balance:

1. Meditation.

It may sound like a big ask, but even 5 minutes a day of focused meditation can produce immeasurable benefits to a Type-A’s life, especially considering the overactive mind they possess. Giving yourself this break will help you return to center, gain clarity, and remember what is truly urgent and what you can let go of.

2. Unplugging.

Type-A’s are notorious for being hyper-connected to technology, as that is what our work centers around the most. Unplugging at least one hour before bed and for one hour after waking will improve your quality of sleep and decrease your overall stress.

3. Go Easy.

Since Type-A's can be highly competitive in nature, especially with themselves, going easy on yourself can be a game-changer. Checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling and if you really need that push, or if you need a break, can be revolutionary for your system.

4. Shake it out.

Shaking your physical body can be an excellent way to release tension. Gazelles are seen doing this in nature after they are chased by a lion. If you are living in high-alert mode constantly, having a shake break can help to calm your nervous system and bring you back to center.

5. Patience.

Type-A’s are notoriously impatient. Taking deep breaths and allowing things to happen in their own time can be highly beneficial to the mental health of a Type-A person. While not expected all the time, a little grace and choosing your battles can go a long way.

6. Breathwork.

Deep breathing exercises are excellent for maintaining a calm mind and body in the midst of a chaotic work day. Learning a few key breathing exercises can help you stay in a place of peace, while still being productive.

With high rewards come high risk, and Type-A personalities certainly carry their fair share of potentially negative consequences. Maintaining self-awareness about what your needs are so that you can avoid things like health risks is one of the best things Type-A personalities can do for themselves. This extra self-care effort will actually benefit them more in the long run, giving them the peace, energy, and rejuvenation they need to continue their quest to take over the world.

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