Making Your Self-Care Routine Successful and Sustainable

November 1, 2019
Shanna Windle

I have found that self-care ALWAYS without fail pops up as a goal during my clients’ early health coaching sessions. (What do I mean by self-care? Read my earlier post here  What is Self Care. The fact that every one of my clients lists self-care as a goal has shown me just how desperate we all are for a little self-love and nurturing.

And while most of us probably know this, and maybe some of us have even identified a few self-care activities that would help, the bigger struggle is actually practicing self-care and making it a routine. We may have the best intentions to change our ways, but a few weeks into our new routine we revert to our old ways. What can keep us committed so we avoid returning to our old habits?

The first and most important piece of making a self-care practice sustainable is to give yourself permission to start practicing it!

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, but this does not have to be the case! Tell yourself, as many times as you need to, this is not a luxury, this is my health. One thing to understand with self-care (and with nourishing ALL primary foods, in fact) is that your needs will shift over time. That’s okay! Just as we evolve, so do our self-care needs.

Stay consistent.

As with anything we want to see results from, we must stay consistent with our practice. This might look like:

  • Scheduling the time in your daily calendar so you get reminders
  • BEING PRESENT during self-care rituals
  • Have friends or family check on your commitment
  • Take baby steps. Build as you go!

Choose activities that actually bring you joy, not activities that you think self-care should be.

Self-care doesn’t have to look like what you see on Instagram, and it doesn’t even have to be seen as self-care by anyone else. It doesn’t have to be a spa day or a sunrise hike, and it certainly doesn’t have to cost you anything. Maybe it’s doing a crossword puzzle or trying one new recipe per week. Choose activities you truly take pleasure in and will want to do on a weekly basis.

Create and maintain a positive mindset!

Stay positive and steer clear of self-limiting thoughts such as “I can’t do this” or “This will never help.”  These self-limiting beliefs can take us down, so we must pay attention to them and be aware of their impact. The most brilliant part of all of this? By practicing self-care, your true nature shines through more fiercely, attracting more people, circumstances, and situations that will help you lead the life you truly desire.

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