Influencing Positivity in your Daily Life

March 30, 2020
Shanna Windle

Influencing Positivity in your Daily Life

Daily Affirmations:

People want to feel positive. However, negativity can gain too easy a foothold in our lives and can start to dominate our perspective.  Changing your mindset starts with changing your thoughts because the health of your mind has a direct impact on how you approach your life.

Changing a mindset has the same challenges as changing a habit. The first step is the hardest because it is difficult to change what we are used to. However, steady, constant practice for at least 3 weeks can help ingrain that new change in our routine.

Below are few things to help influence positivity in your daily life:

Purpose of Life

Everyone has a purpose, but it is up to you to either figure out what it is or to give yourself a new purpose. Too many people are just wandering around. When you know exactly what it is you want to accomplish, or where you want to go, you can be more intentional and focused about your life. This encourages positivity because, in spite of any challenges or setbacks, you are able to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, that goal you are aiming for.  It also helps give you a bigger picture of your life, instead of focusing on the small trials we deal with every day.

Helping Others

We tend to compare ourselves to people who are far ahead of us. However, the key to positivity is to look back at the people who are less fortunate than you and reach back to help them up. It makes you appreciate what you have, where you are, and where you have been, and there is an indescribable sense of satisfaction in helping another person on their journey.

Focus on Positivity

We too often focus more on what we don’t have rather than on what we have. Humans need to learn from the honeybee, which is only attracted by sweetness, even if it is found somewhere dirty. We need to take a few minutes a day to reflect on the positive things in our life. It also does no good to dwell on negative worries. Many times the things we lie awake worrying about never come to fruition.  If they do, there is usually very little chance that we could have prevented it.

Positive Expectations

No matter what we are going through in our present, we need to be positive about what’s next to come. Everything is temporary. If we are positive in our actions and efforts, that positivity will transform our thoughts and have a positive impact on how we approach things in the future.

Constant negativity makes us forget that we are in charge of our lives, and we can decide how to live them. Every day is ours and we can set the tone for it. Start each day with a positive affirmation that you are in charge of your life. You may see small changes when you depend on others, but you will see major changes when you take on the challenge yourself.

Positive thinking has a ripple effect.  It can have an impact on your health, your spirit, and the people around you.  It can bring joy and confidence. Practice your positive thinking a little each day, and watch your world blossom.

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