How To Reach Your Subconscious Mind While Awake

September 7, 2021
Shanna Windle

If you didn’t take psychology in undergrad than all this talking I do about the subconscious mind probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!  Yet, if you are looking for one monstrously important key to your long term happiness and success, understanding and working with the subconscious mind is it.  

The cliff notes version?  The subconscious mind, as defined by renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud, “defines all reactions and automatic actions we can become aware of if we think about them.”  For example, when we are taking a shower: we rarely think about the need to rinse off, to wash our hair, to wash our bodies, etc., yet we can always become aware of what we did in the shower if we are asked to think about it.  Another example?  Driving a car from our house to our job every day.  Seldomly do we actually think about the routine drive...switching gears, turning down roads, etc.  We just do it.  Yet we can always become aware of how we got to work or home if asked to think about it.

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that when used supportively, can help us achieve any of our goals.  It takes up most of our brain power, and is more intelligent, powerful and influential than the conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is believed to be the hidden part of the brain that controls and influences your day; in fact, research shows that 95% of our daily behaviors and thoughts are driven by our subconscious mind.  Only 5% actually comes from our conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is essentially a memory bank of every piece of information that you ever came across and any events you have experienced.  It is also our built-in warning system!  Are you starting to see its massive importance in our lives?!

What about when we are sleeping? The subconscious mind works throughout the day but takes full control only when you are asleep and free from external stimuli. That’s also why our dreams can be so powerfully insightful!  But one of the beautiful things about the subconscious mind is that you can gain access to it while you are awake, and harness it’s incredible power.  Some of the benefits of accessing your subconscious while awake is that you can enhance your creativity, have better problem solving capabilities, transcend your limiting beliefs, and much, much more.

How to Reach your Subconscious Mind while Awake

1. Hypnosis/RTT

Hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy allow us to get into the brainwave state that is necessary to communicate with the subconscious mind and start to shift beliefs.  When we communicate with the subconscious mind in one of these sessions, we are receiving unfiltered evidence of our beliefs based on memories yet we are also able to start rewiring our neural pathways so that we believe better, more helpful things.  

2. Creative Visualization

Visualizing the life you want to be living is a wonderful way of communicating with the subconscious mind yet I want to be clear that it isn’t just about the visualization process.  You must attach a feeling or emotion to what you are visualizing for it to be most effective.  Our subconscious communicates in feelings more than it does anything else.  Yet starting with a picture in our minds of where we want to be is like setting our destination into a GPS.  Our subconscious mind, which is in communication with our conscious mind, needs to know where we are heading in order to be successful in its pursuit so use this technique often!

3. Meditation

Creating the space and stillness in your life that comes with meditation is another great way of reaching your subconscious mind while you are awake.  It’s once the so-called resistance and “noise” from our daily tasks and demands become quieted that we can truly hear from the well of wisdom that our subconscious holds.

4. Journaling

Journaling is another great way of accessing the subconscious mind while awake.  The key here is when you do journal, write unfiltered, in a stream of consciousness type manner.  Allow anything and everything to come out on paper and you’ll find some of your best insights will come through this way.

5. Affirmations

The subconscious mind learns through repetition and consistent reinforcement.  When we do affirmations on a daily basis, or even multiple times throughout the day, what we are doing is reinforcing to the subconscious mind that a different story or belief can be created.  Obviously creating and reading your affirmations are done in an awake state, yet this type of activity reaches our subconscious on a deep level.

6. Positive Thinking

It’s the human condition that negative thoughts creep in during the day, wreaking havoc on happiness and productivity.  Creating the awareness around when this happens, and actively shifting to more positive thinking is using our conscious mind to communicate with our subconscious mind.  Every action is generated by a habit of thought, so if our thinking is positive, our actions will be positive.  But when we have negative thoughts come through that are generated by our limiting beliefs housed in our subconscious minds, our days can take a turn for the worse.  So get in the habit of thinking positively as much as you can (but not in a way that is spiritual bypass) and redirecting negative thoughts to more positive ones.

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