Healing Ourselves with Our Subconscious Mind

August 20, 2020
Shanna Windle

"The metaphysician knows that all disease has a mental correspondence, and in order to heal the body one must first heal the soul.  The soul is the subconscious mind, and it must be saved from wrong thinking." - Florence Scovel Shinn

Today I decided to work on my TMJ that has been acting up over the past few months, but instead of working on it externally, I turned to the internal work of my subconscious mind. You've heard it before from me, and I am here to remind you again how powerful working with our subconscious mind can be.

"The subconscious mind stores all the information we have gathered in the past and becomes the filter through which we experience the present.  [It] is the fortress of our deep, highly personal feelings, beliefs and qualities that provide the foundation of our entire being...It is responsible for the motivation behind our behavior, thoughts and emotions." - Wendi Jensen

If you have beliefs that are causing you pain (physical, mental, emotional), limiting you or sabotaging you in some way (which spoiler alert: WE ALL DO), it is time to take a look at what those might be.  Our subconscious mind is very powerful, it has the capability to make us ill, or programmed more positively, it can make us thrive.

Can modalities that work with reprogramming the subconscious mind such as Rapid Transformational Therapy (hypnotherapy), NLP, EMDR, Psych-K, etc., cure a disease or dysfunction? It depends - but one thing is for certain, doing this type of work is an integral and necessary step to your healing process.  In addition to being a certified hypnotherapist, I am a holistic wellness coach, and I believe that more often than not we also need to look at things like your diet, your immediate environment and it's physical and emotional toxins, and your potential genetic predispositions to formulate an entire picture and plan for your healing.  But I find people succeed most quickly when we start from the inside (our internal world) and work out way out.  Sometimes just having a coach ask the right type of questions can open up a world of healing and exploration that you weren’t even aware of.  

For me today, those questions came from the book “The Healing Questions Guide,” and had me digging deep on what it will take for me to have more confidence, to trust myself more, what adjustments do I need to make so that all my efforts and determination will finally be effective in making a difference, what changes in my life do I need to make that I am not currently seeing or do not want to know about….and journaling out my immediate gut responses to these questions while listening to a heart chakra meditation.  Now I have more awareness as to what is causing the issue to flare up, a game plan in place going forward and affirmations to read also until it starts to ease up.

We can heal ourselves, sometimes we just need direction and the “right” tools to get us there…

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