Combining Visionary Approach with Spirituality: A Mental Boost

September 30, 2021
Shanna Windle

Why do people call upon a higher being when in the grips of a crisis? It is because human beings need a sense of comfort and contentment. People who turn to spirituality in some form are able to unburden themselves of many negative feelings or mental obstacles because they intuitively trust in higher power, something bigger than they are. You can use this psychology to supplement your visionary approach as well.

Combining Visionary Approach with Spirituality: A Mental Boost

The visionary approach means imagining yourself as the person you want to be in future or visualizing yourself as achieving goals that you are aiming for.  Psychological research papers have emphasized the powerful effects of adopting a visionary approach on the successful achievement of objectives. Synchronizing frequent spirituality with your vision can result in an emotional wave of energy that pushes you even closer to your dream or goal.

Spirituality does not have to be specifically religious, but it does play a significant role in our accomplishments. This is because of our traditional beliefs in religions and higher powers. Spirituality allows one to attract positive energy, and positive energy can perform wonders in our personal and social lives.  However you seek it, spirituality should be a part of your success plan.

Spirituality stimulates our mind and activates the cognitive functions of our brain to think in a constructive sense. It persuades our minds to develop concerns for values, positive feelings, and consequences of actions. These help you determine if your goal is morally and ethically justified, and instills the actions necessary to realize your goal. A healthy spirituality allows us to see the world and our place in it from a larger perspective, that there are many roads and many paths, and that we are not alone on our path.  This encourages a sense of optimism.  A positive perspective changes everything and facilitates more positive changes.

There are many studies that emphasize the positive impact that spirituality has on various achievements or success. These are just a few:

1. A study conducted in the Middle East demonstrated a positive association between spiritual health and academic accomplishments of the medical students involved in the study.

2. Research conducted in the same country concluded that there was a significant positive relationship between trust in God and academic achievements. This study also found that there is a significant positive relationship between self-esteem and academic success.

You do not need to believe in God to be spiritual but you need to believe in something bigger than yourself. Believe the universe has your back as Gabby Bernstein says.

None of these studies are implying that you have to be religious to be successful.  

However, the belief and trust in a higher power and the sense of community that come with a religious or spiritual group are powerful factors in supporting people toward success.  Find something that speaks to you, that gives you the positive energy, emotional encouragement, and steadfast support essential to your journey.

For me, I was originally raised in the Catholic church.  As for many, as I matured and started to really pay attention to the church’s religious teachings, I found myself more and more drawn away from the church but wanting to deepen my relationship with God and the spiritual “realm.”  I still find peace when I walk into a church, but my spiritual practices have drastically changed over the last decade.  I might not attend church as frequently as I once did, but I feel more spiritually connected on a daily basis than I ever have because of the practices I incorporate into my routine every day.

What are some of those practices you may wonder?  First, prayer.  I pray to a higher power every day - I ask for guidance and express my gratitude at the beginning and end of every day.  I meditate almost every day.  This helps me to feel more at peace and quiet my mind enough to hopefully see and feel the guidance of the universe and my higher power.  I journal as well which allows me to get enough “junk” that is consuming my mind out on paper so that I am not ruminating over things, allowing more space in my conscious mind to receive the guidance that I need.

What matters is that you choose something that feels good to you, not me or anyone else.  You’ll find the more and more you incorporate spirituality into your daily life, you will stress less over things out of your control, and accomplish goals more quickly and with greater purpose.  What more could you ask for?

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