Best Hobbies For Type A Personalities

October 1, 2021
Shanna Windle

Let’s talk hobbies!!! Having a hobby can bring balance and joy to our lives, no matter our personality type.  Some hobbies are for relaxation and physical fitness, while others are focused on creative expression and community involvement.  People’s personality type can influence which hobbies they want to engage in, and for some, multiple hobbies are a must!  I know for me, a Gemini, recovering Type A, it is necessary to be involved in a few hobbies at a time.

Hobbies can benefit us on the mental, physical and emotional levels.  They are great diversions when you are stressed, help you uncover hidden talents, help you meet new people, learn new skills, etc. But depending on your personality type, some hobbies may be more attractive to you than others.  

Since Type A personalities tend to be a little more high strung and competitive, hobbies that involve competition, physical activity and mental stimulation (like learning a language) tend to be favored. However, I get asked by my Type A clients for hobby ideas all the time, so for today’s post I am sharing a roundup of the best hobbies that are suitable for Type A personalities.


Learning a new language

Learning a new language later in life is so beneficial for our brains and memory.  Type As tend to need the mental stimulation that comes with learning something new, so learning a new language is a great idea as both a hobby AND for many things career related.  Mastering something other than your native tongue is quite the accomplishment!  I don’t know a Type A that doesn’t love the challenge of another accomplishment.  

Playing video games

I know, I know….seems silly for me to suggest something like playing video games to a group of people who tend to not want to “waste time,” even in their free time, doing activities that won’t push the needle in their professional life, but learning to play a video game is another great idea for a Type A personality.  Video games can be intellectually stimulating because for most games, strategy is a large part of success.  There certainly is a competitive nature to most video games, so Type As will be able to flex their competitive muscles while playing.  

Martial arts

Martial arts is one of my favorite hobbies to suggest to Type A personalities because of the amount of physical endurance and competitiveness it demands.  Type As are extremely goal oriented so the fact that martial arts has a system of ranks where you have to demonstrate your mastery of one level before moving on to the next is highly compatible with Type As’ natural tendencies.  Martial arts also gives its participants a way of channeling aggression in a healthy manner instead of it becoming destructive.  

Outdoor activities

Be it spending quality time with family outside doing a nature walk, playing frisbee golf, throwing the ball for the dog, etc., all personality types can benefit from getting involved in outdoor activities. Sometimes life gets so busy that the easiest hobby to take up is one that you just have to step outside your own door to do.  Time outside in nature, with fresh air is excellent for a Type A, who is often nose-to-the-grindstone during the workweek, achieving goals and knocking things off a to-do list.  


You knew it was coming, didn’t you?! Yes, yoga is a wonderful hobby for the Type A personality.  For those of you that bust your butt 99% of the time, but also seek harmony in your life, yoga is one hobby you can take up that will help harmonize your life.  There is the physical aspect of yoga that helps to keep your muscles long, lean, and flexible, but just as important, is the mental focus and presence that comes with the practice of yoga.  For those of you that burn the candle at both ends, giving yourself the mental break from work while keeping your focus and concentration on holding a yoga pose does wonders for your mental state.  You are forced to be present in the moment when trying to hold a yoga pose, which many Type As need help doing.  Staying present as much as you can throughout your day lessens anxiety and increases productivity.

Learn an instrument

Similar to learning a new language, learning an instrument is also great for a Type A personality because it stimulates parts of the brain that normal work doesn’t stimulate.  While having outlets for Type As that help channel their dominant energy is important, equally important is balancing that out with something that allows for creative and artistic expression.  Music is the universal language of the world, and learning an instrument is another incredible way for all of us to be able to communicate with others, even if they don’t speak our same language.  

Depending on which instrument you choose to learn, music tends to be for those personalities that border on perfectionism.  Not that every tune you play has to be perfect (particularly if you are just learning!), but music doesn’t leave much room for error so having a personality that leans towards perfectionism isn’t a bad thing!

This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, of hobbies that Type A personalities might enjoy.  I think most important to finding a hobby is to do what YOU think you will enjoy, not anyone else.  Take a few minutes to explore the things on TV, social media or while reading that draw your interest the most.  And then make the time in your schedule to try them out!  No excuses, you got it?!

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